New Datagrid


New Buttons:


The datagrid now includes 3 new buttons, allowing you to directly add attributes, categories, and items.


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Button 1: 


Button 1 allows you to add a new attribute, or column, to your data. On clicking button 1, a menu will pop up allowing you to name and select the type of your new attribute:


Adding attributes here uses the same types found when adding attributes by the story setup, and you have the same choice of types.


Button 2: 


Button 2 adds a new item to your story. It will get a default name and will use default attributes:



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Button 3: 


Button 3 adds a new category:


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You can select which attributes will be included in the category, and set properties like the category colour and shape from the pop up menu.





New Context Menus:


There are several new right click context menus available in the datagrid. Whenever you right click in a certain place, you’ll be given a set of relevant options:


Top Left:




Allows you to select, copy and delete all items in the selected view


Row Start:



Simply allows you to delete an item.




Allows you to clear or copy the contents of the cell.


Category Tab:



Allows you to access the category properties menu or delete your category


Column Heading:


Gives you several options, for either modifying your selected attribute or rearranging it in the datagrid. Note you can also open this menu by clicking the 3 dots displayed on the right when you highlight a column. (Further details in a later section.






Rearranging Columns:


Columns can now be rearranged by simply clicking and dragging the column heading to change the order:




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You can also click and drag to reorder the category tabs at the bottom.


Any changes you make will be preserved in future as long as you exit the datagrid with the OK button.









The datagrid now allows for multiple columns to be filled simultaneously. To do so, highlight multiple cells and then right click to bring up the context menu: 



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Select the fill down option- this will fill each cell in your selection with the contents of the top cell in that section: 



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Item Type


Separate tabs for inherited and shared items in enterprise stories have been removed. In their place, a new item type column has been added.


The column can be rearranged and hidden like normal, but the values cannot be edited: 



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Category Context Menu


The new category context menu contains several new options:



Attribute Properties allows you to edit the setup of your attribute/column via this dialogue: 


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All the properties of an attribute that previously had to be set from the setup can now be set from here.


Filter allows you to filter out items to be displayed in the datagrid- the same way you’d apply a filter on a SharpCloud view: 


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Rename allows you to rename a column

Insert column adds a new attribute at this location

Duplicate copies the column and all of the item values in it

Clear contents deletes the values for all of your displayed items

Delete deletes the selected attribute (and all of it’s assigned values)

Hide column hides the column from the datagrid

Freeze columns to the left will freeze all columns to the left so that they are always displayed as you scroll to the right

Unfreeze columns removes the above setting