Note: This feature is available in SharpCloud v9.7.0303 and later


Calculated Value Groups


Assigning attributes/calculated values to groups provides an easy way to collect a set of attributes/calculated values to a common group such as “Finance” or “Project” for example. When picking calculated values to appear in Panels/Views/Interactive Filters, they will be placed into these groups, making it easier to find.


To place the calculated values into a group, simply enter the group name into the field highlighted below on the calculated value tab:




Included In


By default, calculated values will be “Included in” all categories. This means that the calculation will be performed for all items in all categories. Categories can be selected using the drop-down to increase performance and efficiencies of calculated values as highlighted here:


When using calculations, it is more efficient to only run the calculation on the items that are needed to be calculated where possible, which is why the “Included in” section is great.


If data from items that is currently excluded is required to complete the calculation, SharpCloud will perform the calculation irrespective of the “Included in” setting, otherwise the calculation cannot be completed. This can happen most commonly when using functions such as GETITEMVALUES or WHERE.

NoteWhen items have not had the calculation performed, the value returned will be NULL.