Below is a list of ALL available calculated value functions and properties. Click on any function or property name to go to it's respective article for further information.


FUNCTIONS() are always UPPERCASE, properties are lowercase.

Where *Multiple is listed, the return type can be any of the following: TEXT, NUMBER, DATE, BOOLEAN and ARRAY


I = Items ONLY   R = Relationships ONLY

Function/Property NameReturn TypeShort Description

ABSNUMBERThe absolute value of a number.

ADDDAYSDATEAdds a specified number of days to a date

ADDMONTHSDATEAdds a specified number of months to date.

ADDYEARSDATEAdds a specified number of years to a date.

AVGNUMBERFinds the average (mean) of an array of number or dates.
IcategoryTEXTReturns the name of the items category.

CONCATTEXTReturns an array of strings as a single string.

CONTAINSBOOLEANDetermines whether the string contains the substring.
IcreatedDATEReturns the created date of the item.

DATEDATECreates a date at a specified value
TEXTReturns the items description.
IdislikecountNUMBERReturns the number of users who have disliked the item.
IdurndaysNUMBERReturns the items duration in days.
IdurnmnthsNUMBERReturns the items duration in months.
IendDATEReturns the items calculated end date.
IGETITEMVALUE*MULTIPLEReturns the value of another specified item.
Returns the values of specified items.
IGETRELATIONSHIPVALUESARRAY[*MULTIPLE]Returns the values stored on the relationship(s) connected to each item.

HASTAGBOOLEANFinds if the item has the specified tag assigned.

IF*MULTIPLETests for a condition and returns whether the test was successful or not.

INDEXOFNUMBERFinds the index of the value from the array.

INDEXOFLISTNUMBERFinds the index of the assigned list value.

INTERSECTARRAYFinds if the value is contained within the array from the array.
RITEM1*MULTIPLEReturns any value from Item1 of the relationship.
RITEM2*MULTIPLEReturns any value from Item2 of the relationship.
RITEMEND*MULTIPLEReturns any value from the end of the relationship.
RITEMSTART*MULTIPLEReturns any value from the start of the relationship.
IitemtypeTEXTReturns the item type, e.g., local or shared.

LABELSARRAY[TEXT]Returns an array of labels for a specified attribute or calculated value.
IlasteditedDATEReturns the date the item was last edited.
Returns the name of the user who last edited the item.

LENNUMBERReturns the length of the specified string.
IlikecountNUMBERReturns the number of users who have liked the item.

*MULTIPLEFinds the value at the specified index from the array.

MAXNUMBERFinds the maximum of an array of dates or numbers.

MINNUMBERFinds the minimum of an array of dates or numbers.
InameTEXTReturns the name of the item.
TEXTReturns the name of the person who is assigned ownership.
IRELATEDITEMSARRAY[TEXT]List all the items that are related to them.
NUMBERReturns the number of items that are related to the item with a direction of "Both".
Returns the number of relationships on the item.
RrelsfromNUMBERReturns the number of items that are related to the item with a direction of "From"
RrelsnoneNUMBERReturns the number of items that are related to the item with a direction of "None"
RrelstoNUMBERReturns the number of items that are related to the item with a direction of "To"

REPLACETEXTReplaces the specified part of the string/array
IrescountNUMBERReturns the number of resources assigned to the item.

ROUNDNUMBERRounds the value up or down.

NUMBERRounds the value down.

ROUNDUPNUMBERRounds the value up.

SQRTNUMBERFinds the square root of a number.
IstartDATEReturns the start date of an item.

STDEVNUMBERReturns the standard deviation from an array of numbers.

storyidTEXTReturns the ID of the source story.

SUBSTRTEXTReturns the specified part of the string.

Calculates the sum of an array of numbers.

tagcountNUMBERReturns the number of tags assigned to the item.

TAGLISTARRAY[TEXT]Returns a list of assigned tags.

TOARRAYARRAY[*MULTIPLE]Converts a string to an array.

TODAYDATEReturns todays datetime.

TOLOWERTEXTReturns the lower-case version of the specified string.

TOUPPERTEXTReturns the upper-case version of the specified string.

UNIONARRAY[*MULTIPLE]Returns all the unique values from two arrays.
IWHEREARRAY[TEXT]Finds all the items that satisfy the given condition.