Videos can be played within a video panel in an item or in full screen. Either way this provides a great way of engaging an audience around your story content. Videos can be played interactively (simply by clicking on the video panel) and you can include videos in presentations too.

MP4 videos and links to YouTube videos can be hosted in the video viewer panel. 

Note: YouTube videos can only be played when you are online.

Each video panel can contain a single video, but you can add as many video panels as you need.

To learn how to create item panels, please refer to the Knowledge Base Article titled “Adding and Removing Item Panels”.


Once a Video panel has been created, either at a global level or an item specific panel, it’s now possible to add videos to those panels by following the below steps:


  1. Go to the newly created Video Panel.
  2. Select the Edit Pencil in the top right corner of the Video Panel (highlighted below)
  3. Add either an MP4 file or a YouTube link.