Duplicating items is a great way to save time and generate items that only need a few minor tweaks from an original item. There are 3 ways of duplicating an item:

  • Right-hand side edit panel.
  • Items Context menu.
  • Ctrl and Drag*.

* - Available in SharpCloud v9.7.0201 and later versions.

Edit Panel

When an item is selected and the edit panel is accessed, there is an option to duplicate the item as shown below:


Items Context Menu

By right-clicking (long-press on touch) on an item, it will generate the item’s context menu where an option is to duplicate the item as shown below:


Ctrl and Drag

An easy way to create a duplicate item is hold Ctrl down and then select and drag an item, generating a duplicate of itself. Whilst dragging, a ghost version of the item will be shown until the click is released on the desired position for the new item. This can be seen here: