Note: Smart Zones are available in SharpCloud v9.7.0201 and later

Smart zones are a fantastic feature to allow users to design a “zone” on a view (typically a wall view), that when an item is positioned within the zone, the item will be assigned a specific attribute/category value. The property value can be configured to any attribute/category within the story.


A great use of this feature is during workshopping, where a canvas can be created using smart zones and property values can be assigned to each zone, ensuring the wall view workshopping can be easily translated across other views within SharpCloud.

Creating Smart Zones

Smart zones are Widgets with certain properties activated to enable the widget as a smart zone. So, the first step in creating a smart zone is to create a new widget which can be done via the Widgets menu on the right toolbar as shown:


Once a widget is created, there are 2 key settings that will need to be configured:

  1. The widget must exist in the Background Layer which can be configured with the advanced option shown below:



  1. Once the widget is in the background layer, an attribute/category and a corresponding value can now be associated with a smart zone using options that will appear at the bottom of the dialog shown here:




Once a property and it’s chosen label value are selected, any item that is place within that Smart Zone will be provided that attribute label value.

The highlight colour will provide the widget an internal border colour when an item is dragged over into the Smart zones space, providing some feedback to let users know that the smart zone is active.

Layering Smart Zones

Two scenarios exist when layering smart zones over each other:

  1. Where the two smart zones are using the same attribute value. In this case, the top smart zones property label will be provided to the item.
  2. The two smart zones are using different property values, in which both label values will be provided to the item.

To re-order the layers of widgets, use the settings shown below: