Once items are created, there are numerous ways of updating the data to ensure the story reflects the most up-to-date version.

The various ways of updating items include:

  • Using the right-hand side edit panel.
  • Via the Data Grid.
  • Using the Quick Editing capabilities (see note below)
  • Changing the data directly in an Item Panel
  • Using a SharpCloud Form – This is covered in a separate article which can be found HERE.

Note: Quick Editing capabilities are available for SharpCloud v9.7.0201 and later.

Edit Panel

The right-hand side edit panel can be easily leveraged to quickly edit one or more items. When an item is selected and the edit panel has been accessed, there are a few key areas to be aware of:


Firstly, when the item is selected, the items name will appear as highlighted above with the item name of “Performance”.

Secondly, there are several sub-tabs which provide different data to edit about the item. The tabs go in the following order:

  • Information – This is the key information about the item such as Name, Category and if the item is Published.
  • Images – Can add an image to the face of the item.
  • Click Event – Add a click event to the item.
  • Attributes – All attribute and calculated values can be edited (viewed in the case of calculated values) from this tab.
  • Relationships – Add and edit relationships.
  • Tags – Add and create tags for the item.
  • Panels – Manage the Panels the item contains.
  • Resources – Add resources to the item.

Data Grid

Editing items in the data grid is a quick and efficient way of editing numerous items at once. In the below sample of data, there are a couple of features which will help edit a set of data quickly:


By double-clicking on the cell, the data can then be editing just like in Excel, which will be reflected back in the view.

Using the Fill Down option is a quick way of changing lots of information at once, by simply highlighting the value that needs to be copied and the item values that need to be overwritten, pressing fill down will action this.

Quick Editing

Quick editing allows a user to be able to edit properties of an item directly in the item’s context menu.


The items context menu will appear when either creating a new item by using either double-click, right clicking (long press on touch) and using “New Item” and also by right-clicking on an item. For more information on methods of creating new items, visit the article “Creating and Deleting Items”.



Using the Select Properties button highlighted above will allow the Quick Editing context menu to be modified by adding further attributes/fields to the menu.

Changing the Display Name will cause the attribute/field to appear using a different title to the user when using the context menu, which can be useful when additional context needs to be provided to an attribute name.

Panel Editing

When on an item panel, the data can be amended which will be reflected across the other parts of SharpCloud. When on a panel of interest, select the edit pencil available in the top right as highlighted below to amend the panel and its information:


Once selected, the panel will enter an editing mode where the data can be amended and then saved.