Note: This feature is available in SharpCloud version v9.7.0201 and later

Collaboration is a key element within SharpCloud, a key feature being able to see which users are currently active in the story, and which item they are active on. This can enhance workshops, not only for participants by providing a more engaging and collaborative platform, but also for the facilitators, being able to focus participants to a specific item.

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Finding out which users are active in a story -

To find out which users are active in the same story, simply access the Active Users panel by selecting the Active Users section as highlighted below:

When no users are active within the story, the section will appear like so:

Once selecting the section, the active users panel will appear on the right-hand side, detailing what users are currently active and any users who are inactive, as shown here:

Being able to discover what users are viewing which items -

When active users is enabled on the items (default behaviour is enabled), users that are active in the story and have an item selected, will be highlighted on the item, which can be seen here:

When there is more than 1 user active on an item, it will display the number of users that currently have that item selected, which when hovered over, will highlight which users are currently interacting with that item as shown:

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Note: This feature will only be reflected in the story that is being viewed, and will not be reflected across an Enterprise Solution

To turn off the active user images appearing, simply navigate to the Active Users panel and turn the toggle to inactive as shown below:

The setting is only saved for the session that you’re currently in, so upon refreshing/returning to SharpCloud, by default, active users on items will be enabled.

Note: When in Presentation Mode, active user images on items will not be visible.