Attributes can be placed into custom groups. This makes searching for attributes easier and allows you to group attributes together in a way that make senses to you and your business.

If attributes are not placed into a custom group, your attributes will automatically be grouped by their data type, such as Date, Number and List. Category and Sub-Category will not fall into an attribute group and will always remain above the groups for them to be readily accessed.


A default group SharpCloud creates is "Property", which contains quantitative attributes that are SharpCloud-specific, such as Number of Relationships, Resources, Tags and so on. 


Only attributes that qualify for a given view will be available to be selected. For example, a location-based attribute does not qualify for a compare view, therefore will not appear in the list of available attributes. 


Note: Attribute groups are case sensitive.


Creating Attribute Groups


Creating attribute groups is very simple and can be performed for both Items and Relationships.


To create an attribute group, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Story Setup
  2. Proceed to the Items/Relationships tab.
  3. Navigate to the Attributes tab, where a column titled “Group” will be available.
  4. Type in the group name you wish that attribute to placed in to. Normal functions such as Copy & Paste and Fill Down work with Attribute Groups.

Editing and Deleting an Attribute Group

To edit and/or delete attribute groups:

  1. Head to the Story setup
  2. Go to the Items/Relationships panel
  3. Under the Attributes sub-tab, you will see the attribute group column on your attribute listing
  4. To edit, simply double-click on the cell you wish to alter and make the amendments.
  5. To delete, highlight and delete the contents of the attribute’s group field by either using backspace or delete keys.

Note: You have to go to the individual attributes that are in the group you wish to delete and clear the group column. You can remove a single attribute from a group by just clearing that one attribute’s "group" field.

How do attribute groups affect the data grid?

Attribute groups will affect the layout of your data in the data grid by changing the order that the columns will appear in.

As you can see in the above image, the attribute groups will now be displayed above the attributes in the data grid. The attributes will now be placed in the order of grouped attributes first in alphabetical order, and the attributes that fall under that group will be ordered in alphabetical order.


Any attributes that are not in an attribute group will follow after the grouped attributes.


When selecting columns in the data grid, the attributes with a group will be displayed as "Attribute Group.Attribute Name", the same way Tag Groups are laid out. This format will also appear for Selecting Table Columns in a Table View and Selecting Form Fields. This can be seen below: