Item images can improve the impact of a SharpCloud story, and even be used to provide an indication of attribute values, providing insight in a visual way.

Images can be used in the following places:

  • Items
    1. Categories
    2. Attributes
    3. Panels
    4. Item Image
  • Backgrounds
  • Forms

This Knowledge Base article will cover the use of all of the Item Images, for more information on Backgrounds and Form images, please see the articles “Customize Form Appearance” and “View Background Images”.

Item Images

Note: The supported image types are PNG and JPEG.

Images can be displayed on the front of items in several ways; driven by the category image, using the item image, and also using attribute images.

The ideal size of image for the face of an item is 720x440.

Category Images

Images can be applied to all items in a specific category, making it easier to control the appearance of items that exist within the category. The image will appear on the face of the item and is only driven by the item’s category value.

To add an image to a category, navigate to the Categories section in the Items Tab, found in the Story Setup as shown below:

When “Add Image” is selected, an image picker will appear, showing images that are available with SharpCloud by default in various colours, but other images can be uploaded by using the “More” section as shown below:

Category images can be overridden by the item image, providing a more individual appearance to an item. Category images are a great way of providing a more aesthetically pleasing story in a quick and easy way.

Attribute Images

Providing images and colour to attributes is a really powerful feature, providing visual aides to users who are viewing and exploring a story.

Note: Images can only be applied to Numeric and List attributes (and calculated values), as they have the capability to have labels.

Assigning images to attribute labels can be achieved in the Story Setup under the Attributes sub-tab. For more information on this, visit the Attributes article.

Once the relevant attributes have images assigned to them, the last stage is selecting where the images should appear. This is controlled in the View Setup as shown below:

When the option of “Custom Image” is selected, the attributes can be selected and displayed in the chosen position. Up to 5 images can appear on the face of the item in up to 7 locations.

Panel Images

Another location images can be found with items is on an image panel. For information on Panels and also how to Add Panels, please refer to their respective articles.

Item Image

The item image refers to the specific image that an item will display on the front by default unless specified in the View Setup to display a different image.

To set an item image, simply select the item, open the edit panel, and navigate to the image sub-tab as shown below.

If there is no Custom Image, the item will display the category image by default. When “Custom” is selected, a new dialog will appear allowing images to be uploaded from a local file to SharpCloud.

Once selected and uploaded, there are several settings to choose from to assist in configuring the image to the desired look:

  • Fill Space – This option will treat the image as rectangular but may clip the image in order to fill the entire space available for the image.
  • Show all – This will ensure that the whole image you selected is displayed so, depending on the ratio of the image, this may leave a border around the image.
  • Stretch to fit – This may distort the image as it will change the aspect ratio so the whole image is displayed in the whole image area.
  • Square  Your image will be cropped to a square.
  • Circle – Your image will be cropped to a circle.
  • Ellipse – Your image will be cropped to an ellipse.