Using the Item Appearance capabilities, you can promote the important information onto the face of your items in any view, so turning your SharpCloud views into real-time dashboards that provide at-a-glance summaries of your items.

Item Appearance can be controlled on a view-by-view basis by using the item appearance tab in the view setup.

Note: Category colour and Item Panel appearance can be controlled at a global level using the Story Setup. To discover how to do this, visit the Categories and Item Panels articles.

To make the most of item appearance, colours/images should be assigned to attribute labels, to learn how to do this, visit the Attributes article by clicking here.

Available Options

There are various ways of providing a visual indication of an attribute value on an item using item appearance, including:

  • Background Colour – The colour of the item, default is category colour.
  • Border Colour – Providing a border colour based upon an attribute value.
  • Dynamic Text – On the front of the items by default, only the items name will appear, but attribute values can also be included.
  • Images – Up to 5 data-driven images (In 7 various positions) can be included on the front of an item.

This article will cover the implementation and use of Background Colour and Border Colour. For Dynamic Text and Images, please visit the relevant articles called “Dynamic Item Text” and “Item Images” respectively.

Background and Border Colour

To change the background colour of an item, the View Setup needs to be accessed and then navigate to the Item Appearance sub-tab as shown below:


Once the attribute is selected, the items will be coloured based upon that attribute label values and the associated colours.

The attribute types that can be chosen are List attributes and Numeric Attributes (with labels).

Once these attributes have been selected and the colours appear, they will also be reflected in the interactive filters if those attributes are selected to appear there, as a reminder of what colours are depicted in the view, similar to a legend.