Creating and Deleting items can be achieved in numerous ways to suit the task at hand. This article will focus on adding and deleting items in the view and data grid only. Other methods include:

  • Importing Items from an external source such as Excel.
  • Using SharpCloud Forms to create items.

Both of those methods are covered in relevant Articles which can be visited by clicking on the above links.

Creating Items in the View

When creating a story, it’s very common for the data not to be ready to easily paste into SharpCloud. Creating items in the view directly is often the best way for a user to begin visualising the story taking place and building an easy “straw-man” design to populate with data. Items can be created in the view by simply:

  1. Navigating to the Edit Panel on the right toolbar
  2. Selecting “Create New Item”

This process is highlighted here:

Upon selecting “Create New Item”, a new item will become available on the view. By default, the item will go straight into the tray (unless the view is set to display items based upon Category), so ensure to check the tray and filters if the item is not initially visible on the view.

Note: For more information on Shared Items and Inherited Items, please see our Enterprise Section in the Knowledge Base.

Deleting Items in the View

Deleting items in the view is a really simple process, simply:

  1. Right click (long press on touch) on the item that needs to be deleted.
  2. Select “Delete”.

This is shown here:

Creating Items in the Data Grid

To create items in the Data Grid directly, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Data Grid
  2. Select “New Item”.

This will then generate a new row of data, which as previously mentioned is how items are represented in SharpCloud.

It can be easier in some circumstances to create items in the Data Grid as all the attributes values for the items can be amended in one place, very similar to Excel.

Deleting Items in the Data Grid

Deleting items in the Data Grid can be achieved by:

  1. Navigating to the Data Grid.
  2. Highlighting the Item in which needs to be deleted.
  3. Selecting “Delete Items”.

This can be seen below: