Controls which items can appear on a view. The filter works against all items in this story plus any external items from the Enterprise Filter. It can consist of multiple groups of filters that added together to give a final result.

The base filter will always reduce the number of items that appear on the view, unlike the Enterprise Filter which will add items to the view.

The below diagram depicts the order of filtering that takes place in SharpCloud:

The base filter determines which items are eligible to be displayed on the view. The base filter differs to the interactive in many ways, but the most important difference is that it can have more than 1 filter query, allowing multiple filters to be combined, producing a nuanced final result of items that are eligible for the view.

Creating a Base Filter

The Base Filter can be located in the View Setup, under the Filters sub-tab. The advanced toggle must be activate as shown below:

To create/amend a base filter, press Define Filter, and a new dialog box will appear as shown below:

There are 2 key sections to be aware of when using the Base Filter:

  1. Adding Multiple Filters – Adding more than 1 filter will mean that any item(s) that meet the requirements of Filter 1, AND any items that meet the requirements of Filter 2 will be visible in the view.
  2. Item/Relationships/Related Items – With the base filter, you can produce a really advanced filter by filtering either items in, specific relationships into the view and even filtering items in depending on the relationships they have.

Note: The Related Items filter is covered in a separate article.

The below image will help show how the Base Filter can achieve a more flexible filtering operation than the Interactive Filtering:

With the interactive filter, it is not possible to filter only Items 1 and 4 (or 2 and 3 together), with how it operates. With the Base Filter, it is completely possible.

To achieve this, you would require 2 Filters to allow items that are in Category A and have an Attribute value of X, and the second filter to allow items that are in Category B with an attribute value of Y.

In SharpCloud, multiple item filters will be displayed as shown here:

To remove individual filters, simply hover over the filter that needs to be removed and press the “Remove” (symbolised by a dustbin icon), button, as highlighted.

Clearing Filters

When using lots of advanced and complex filtering, its sometimes helpful to be able to clear a specific filter to be able to see what consequence it has on the view.

To clear the Base Filter, there are 2 actions:

  1. Clear Filter – On each type of Base Filter (Item, Relationships and Related Items), there is an option to Clear the individual selected Filter. In the image above, it will be Filter 1 (highlighted as blue, showing its selected).
  2. Clear Everything – This will clear all types of the Base Filters, allowing all items to be available to the Interactive Filter.