Being able to visualise relationships in different ways is a powerful feature within SharpCloud. It helps users understand not only that items are connected, but in different ways that they can be connected.

Customising the relationships appearance is a simple process. First, ensure the relationship attributes exist, alongside labels with either a colour associated to those labels or a thickness value. 

To learn how to create relationship attributes and labels, please refer to the Knowledge Base Article titled: “Relationship Attributes and Tags”.

In this article, the example attributes will be:

  • Strength – With label values of strong, moderate, and weak with a thickness value of 10, 5 and 1 pixel, respectively.
  • Risk – With labels of high, medium, and low with the label colours of red, amber, and green, respectively.

There will also be comments included with the relationships.

Visualising relationship colours and thickness

For all views, the View Setup dialog offers Colour By and Thickness By options on the Relationships Tab as shown below:

Those changes are then reflected on the view, for example:

The relationships will retain the colour and thickness setting when viewing items in the radial view, like so:

Viewing Comments/Attribute Values on Relationships

Another feature with relationships is the capability to display comments/attribute values on the relationships. This setting can be found in the View Setup in the Relationships tab, with the Advanced Toggle active as shown:

The first drop down section is where the comment/attribute value can be chosen which will be displayed on the relationship.

By default, this will only appear in the radial view, but, using the second drop-down, this can be altered to either: Radial View only, In-Context and Radial View or In-Context, Radial View and Main View.

All 3 scenarios are as follows:

Radial View:


Main View: