Importing relationships can be done via the Data Grid. Typically, you will create relationships in Excel filling the appropriate details into the following columns:

  • Item 1 – The name of the first item (the name must match a unique name of an item in the story).
  • Item 2 – The name for the second item (the name must match a unique name of an item in the story).
  • Comment* – A descriptive comment to provide further insight to the relationship.
  • Direction* - A choice of: Both, None, Item 1 to Item 2 or Item 2 to Item 1; This will determine whether and what type of arrow heads are shown on the relationship lines.

*  - Optional Field. If no direction is stated, SharpCloud will default to “None” for direction.

This could appear in Excel as:

By copying the data out of Excel in the above format, it can be easily pasted into SharpCloud’s Data Grid. To do this, simply follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Data Grid.
  2. Go to the Relationships Tab.
  3. Press “Paste”.
  4. Paste the data into the new dialog box.
  5. Confirm the changes.

This can be seen here:

Additional information that could be pasted into SharpCloud include relationship tags and attributes, which can be represented by their own columns. This is covered further in the Knowledge Base article: Relationship Attributes and Tags.