This article is intended to assist Pack Administrators (Pack Admins) in performing tasks through the Manage Licenses screens of their SharpCloud Instance.

The operations described are applicable to Pack Admins operating on any on-premises, private cloud, or public cloud instance of SharpCloud.

Pack Admins work in combination with System Admins to manage your licences and other aspects of the SharpCloud instance.

Note, that if operating on a public cloud instance (e.g.,, the System Admin role is performed exclusively by SharpCloud staff whilst if you are operating on-premises or on a private cloud instance the System Admin role will be held by one or more members of your organisation.

What are License Packs?

License Packs or Subscription packs are used to manage the SharpCloud subscriptions that you have purchased. In simple terms a License Pack has:

  • A set number of subscriptions that can be assigned to users.
  • An expiry date on which the pack will expire (and all subscriptions will lapse)

There are 3 types of License Packs that have different functions within SharpCloud:

  1. Full License Packs – Subscribers in this pack type will have an Editor SharpCloud subscription.
  2. Individual Viewer Pack – Subscribers in this pack type will have a Viewer subscription.
  3. Directory Viewer Pack – This pack type will only exist for companies that have a Directory Viewer wide agreement with SharpCloud. This pack is designed to allocate a viewer subscription to any member of the organisation when they sign in with the companies’ single sign on (SSO) method.

Overview of the Pack Admin Role

The role of a Pack Admin is primarily to ensure that the right users have been allocated their correct SharpCloud subscription type, which allows them to either create and edit stories or simply view stories.

Pack Admins perform the following tasks:

  • Assign users to License Packs (Either Full License Packs or Viewer Packs) to allocate them a subscription.
  • Assign the ability to work with Enterprise Templates
  • Assign other Pack Admins
  • Deactivate user subscriptions

The ability to perform these operations depends on the way the pack has been configured by the System Admin.

Note that System Admins can perform all the operations performed by Pack Admins as well as the following main tasks:

  • Manage Users (including disabling user accounts)
  • Appoint System Administrators and Pack Admins.
  • Create License Packs
    1. On-premise instances will require a license key that will be provided by SharpCloud to create a license pack.
  • Manage (some common) content
  • Monitor Usage.
  • Other occasional tasks.

Pre-requisites for performing the Pack Admin role

The following pre-requisites apply to performing the Pack Admin role:

  • Must have a SharpCloud Licence

Assigning Pack Admins

Pack Admins are appointed by System Admins to manage the licenses in one or more License Packs. Pack Admins can also appoint other Pack Admins to the packs that they are currently assigned to. Therefore, the responsibility for managing a set of licenses can be shared between multiple people.

Accessing the Manage Licenses Area

Pack Admins perform their tasks through the Manage Licenses Area.

  1. Sign in to your SharpCloud Account.
  2. Click on your profile image in the top right of the screen to access the profile menu.
  3. Click Manage Licenses link to open the All Customer Packs screen.

If you do not see the Manage Licenses option, contact a System Admin who will be able to assign you the Pack Admin role. If you are a System Administrator, you will have an option for System Admin instead of Manage Licenses.

Once in the Manage Licenses area, you will be presented with the Packs that you are Pack Admin of, as shown below:

There are several pieces of information about the Pack that can be found in the Customer Pack screen, including:



Pack Name

A descriptive name for the pack. Each pack is created with a unique PackId (visible in the browser address bar when in the Manage Pack screen) but the Pack Name is presented to Pack Admins on the All Customer Packs screen.


One or more domains may be associated with the pack. The domain setting allows the Pack Admins for the current pack to access a list of all users who have signed-up to the SharpCloud instance with an email address matching the domain(s), independent of whether the users are members of the current pack. Pack Admins can use this information to guide their allocation of subscriptions to users.  



For SharpCloud reporting purposes only.


The Pack Expiry Date. The date on which the pack and its subscriptions will expire and all users in the pack will no longer be subscribers. If users exist in other active packs, they will remain an active subscriber.


This provides a break down of the numbers associated in the pack in the following order:


Total Licenses for Pack/Number of Licenses Allocated to Sub Packs/Number of Licenses Assigned to Users/Number of Licenses Available


In an example pack of 10 licenses with 3 licenses allocated to a sub pack and 4 assigned to users, it will be displayed as 10/3/4/3.

License Type

The type of pack from either Full, Individual Viewer or Directory Viewer packs

Parent Pack

This field applies to sub-packs, it will display the Pack Name of the Pack that is one level directly above in the pack structure.

Top-Level Pack

This field applies to sub-packs, it will display the Pack Name of the Pack that is the highest Pack in the order of the sub-packs.


Managing a Pack

To manage a specific pack, simply press Manage button on the far right of the screen, as shown in the image below.

This will take you to the individual packs management screen which will appear as shown below:

There are several key functions which are can be performed in the below sections:

  1. Manage Pack Admins – This is where other users can be assigned as a pack admin.
  2. Manage Sub Packs and View All Packs – Create sub-packs to easily partition the license number allocation if desired.
  3. Key Information – Key information about the pack and some of the values can be found here.
  4. Assigning a license – A user can be allocated a license to the pack by entering their email address (or SharpCloud username) into this section.
  5. Lists of Users Allocated to the Pack – A list of users who have been added to the pack and who therefore have either an assigned subscription or a deactivated subscription. Deactivation of subscriptions is performed from this table, alongside enabling the ability for the user to work on Enterprise Templates.

Assigning Subscriptions

To assign a subscription to a user:

  1. Enter the username or email address of the user to be assigned a subscription
    1. Enter users one at a time or separated by a semi-colon.
    2. The user entered does not need to have signed up for a SharpCloud account in order to be added to the pack.
  2. Click the Assign License button
    1. The value of Assigned is set in the License Field Status.
    2. The date assigned and assigned by values are set.
    3. If the added user does not yet have a SharpCloud account, their email address will appear in the username field, whilst the email and user fields remain empty.
  3. Any users assigned a license will automatically receive an email providing instructions on how to create a SharpCloud account.
  4. The subscription becomes active when the existing SharpCloud user next signs in or refreshes their SharpCloud session, or for users currently without a SharpCloud account, when they sign-up for an account (with the specified email address), and first sign-in to SharpCloud.
  5. The user will see either a blue border (full license), orange border (individual viewer license) or green border (directory viewer license) around their profile image indicating they have an active subscription.

Please note that subscriptions remain active as long as the pack has not reached or passed its expiry date. If the pack has expired all subscriptions it contains expire, which has the same effect as if the subscriptions had been deactivated.

Users may have only one licence in any specific pack but may be included in multiple packs. (System Admins can use the Licensing>All Licences menu option to see what packs a specific user is in).

Deactivating Subscriptions

To deactivate a subscription, click the De-Activate button adjacent to the user as shown below:

The License Status changes from Assigned to De-activated.  

Within the current pack, the user reverts to having no subscription. However, if they have been assigned a subscription in another pack, they will retain their access to the associated capabilities.

If the result of deactivating the subscription in the current pack is that the user no longer has any active assigned subscriptions (across any packs that they are in), then the user will no longer have an active subscription and will not be able to view any stories that are not publicly accessible.

Subscriptions can be reactivated using the Reactivate button adjacent to the deactivated user. These actions must be performed in line with SharpCloud’s license policies.

Note: Deactivating a subscription does not deny a user access to their SharpCloud account.