With SharpCloud Directories, there are administrator roles to be assigned and performed to ensure the directory has the correct settings to the requirements desired.

Actions that can be performed by the directory administrators include:

  • Add and remove users from the directory.
  • Manage user roles (i.e., either admin or member)
  • Determine what teams/individuals can publish to the directory.
  • Removing stories from the directory.
  • Deleting the directory.
  • Add your logo to the directory site.

Accessing the Directory Admin area

To access the Directory Admin area, simply follow the below steps:

  1. Navigate to the Directory via the Team and Directories tab from the dashboard.
  2. Click the Directory Admin button (only available for Directory Administrators).

This is highlighted here:

The directory admin dialog has four tabs for; Design, Viewers, Publishers, and Stories as shown here:

Design Tab

The design tab is responsible for the directories name, description, and image. The image will appear on the dashboard when in the Teams and Directories tab.

Viewers Tab

Adding and removing members of the directory can be performed here. Extensive functionality of this tab is covered in the “Creating and Deleting a SharpCloud directory” Knowledge Base article.

Publishers Tab

The publishers tab is where new teams can be marked as “Authorised Publishers”, granting individuals of that team the capability to publish to the directory. This is where the setting resides on allowing admins or members of the directory the capability to publish to the directory without requiring to be a part of an authorised publisher team.

Stories Tab

View and control what stories are currently published to the directory, with the capability of unpublishing stories or marking them as “Featured”, adding a banner to the story on the dashboards to make them stand out.