Private directories allow you to reach a wide audience with your stories to capture comments and valuable feedback. You can control who can access the directory and also which teams can publish content to it so giving you great control over the way you share and collaborate.

The fundamental concept is that:

  • Directories are an access-controlled notice board where a group of SharpCloud users can view a number of published stories.
  • Certain nominated SharpCloud Teams are allowed to publish their stories to the directory.
  • Directories can be tied to a domain, so users with a certain domain are automatically granted access to the stories in the directory.

You can create and be a member of any number of directories.

Access to a private directory is controlled by email address.

The directories you are a member of are available to you through the Teams and Directories tab on your dashboard.

Note: A story can only exist in 1 team, but a team can publish to MULTIPLE directories. This allows a story to exist in multiple directories.

Publishers to a directory can be Teams of users or Directory Admins/Members. Individual settings can either be for the Directory Administrators or all members of the directory. For more control and flexibility, we recommend using Teams as authorised publishers. More information on this is covered in the “Creating and Deleting a SharpCloud Directory” Knowledge Base article.

Directory Operations

There are two directory roles: member and administrator. Administrators have control over certain operations such as which teams can publish to the directory and who the members of the directory are. There are several operations that can be performed by Directory Members and Administrators which are explained below:

  • When a member is added to a directory (by a directory admin) - they are automatically given implicit view permissions to all the published stories.
  • When a member is removed from a directory (by a directory admin) - they are no longer able to access the directory and have their implicit view permissions removed for all stories in the directory. They retain any explicit share permissions to stories in the directory.
  • When a story is published to the directory (by the team member who owns the story) - all existing sharees retain their current level of permission for the story. All directory members (who are not already sharees) are automatically given implicit view permissions to the story.
  • When a story is removed (unpublished) from a directory (by a directory admin or story owner) - All sharees who have been given explicit permissions to the story retain their permission to the story. Directory members who previously had access to the story through their implicit view permissions will no longer be able to access it.

Other relevant Knowledge Base articles include:

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