Note: Features in this article are only available in SharpCloud v9.5.0911 and later versions.

In SharpCloud, views and presentations can be exported directly to a PowerPoint presentation or a PDF file. A screenshot of an individual view which will produce a PNG file can also be performed.

Note: Exporting Presentations is covered in the Knowledge Base article titled: Presentation Editor

Screenshot of a single view to a PNG

Screenshots can be a quick and easy way to generate a PNG of a view. It can be achieved in the following two steps:

  1. Right-click (long-press on touch) on the background of a view (anywhere that is not the view axis or an item).
  2. Select “Take screenshot”

Once Take screenshot has been selected, a PNG of the view will automatically download into your documents. The downloaded PNG can be found in your Downloads Folder.

Exporting Views to a PNG/PDF

All views in a story can be exported together as either a PDF or a PowerPoint file. This can be achieved in the View Strip as shown below:

Note: The exported PDF/PowerPoint file will be available in your Downloads Folders

By default, pressing export will export all visible views to a PowerPoint file. Available in the drop-down options is the ability to export views to a PDF file.

Note: With only visible views shown, the only views that will be exported are the visible views.

To export hidden views, simply make the hidden views visible by using the “Show all views” button (depicted by an eye symbol), highlighted below: