When using a Team, there are 2 distinct ways of sharing a story with a team:

  1. Via the Share Dialog
  2. Create the story in the Team space.

Sharing a story to a Team via the Share Dialog

The share dialog can be accessed by pressing the blue “Share” button in the top right of the story. Once open, navigate to the “Ownership” tab as shown below:

From the above dialog, using the dropdown section, a team can be selected to transfer the story to. Once a team has been selected, select “Move to team” and the action will be complete once confirmed.

Creating a story in the Team space

The Team can be accessed from the Dashboard via the Teams and Directories tab. Once the team has been accessed, a story can be created within the Team by pressing “New Story” at the top of the team area, as shown below:

When the new story is created, it will be automatically created in the Team space when using this method, automatically allowing other Team members access to view the story.

Changing Team Permissions via the Share Dialog

When a story has been shared to a team, there is an additional setting in the Share Dialog to modify the Team members default permissions from View to another access level. This can be modified in the “Who has access?” tab as shown below:

By default, the permissions level is set to View, but can be amended to Edit or Admin.

Note: Only users with an Editor license will be able to become an Editor or Admin on a story.