Creating a SharpCloud Team can be performed by anyone with an Editor License (unless their ability to do so has been blocked by the Pack Administrator). A user with an editor license will have a blue border around their profile icon.

To create a SharpCloud team, the steps are as follows:

  • From the Dashboard, enter the Teams and Directories tab.
  • Select Create New Team as highlighted below.

  • A new dialog will appear, requiring information to create the team, as shown below:

The fields in the dialog box are as follows:

  • Select a Pack – This is the Pack in which to create your team in and is purely for administrative purposes and has no effect on the functionality of the team.
  • Team Identifier – A lower-case string used to uniquely identify your team and forms part of the URL for the team site. It must be at least a length of 4 alphanumeric lower-case characters.
  • Team Name and Description – This is the name/description that will be used on your dashboard.
  • Select Administrators – By default, the creator of the team will be marked as an administrator but can be deselected if preferred. A list of contacts is available to also select from, and other admins can be added by email in the Team admin section. We recommend a minimum of two team admins.


  • Select “Create Team” – As long as all the fields are eligible to create the team, the team will be created and available in the Teams and Directories tab, with an email notifying other admins that they are now able to visit the team area.

By default, when a Team has been created there are a couple of settings that can be amended in the Team admin section, which control the way people share stories with contacts outside of the team. These are:

  1. Members cannot share stories outside of the team
  2. Members cannot make stories public

These settings can be altered for a time wide global level or on a story level basis within the team. These operations can only be performed by the Team Admins.

Adding Members to a Team

Now a Team has been created, it is time to add members to the team so they can view any stories that are in the Team space.

  • Once in the Team space, as a Team Admin there will be a Team Admin section in the top toolbar as highlighted above. This will open the Team Admin dialog as shown below:

  • Navigate to the second tab that is titled Members & Invites, which will appear similar to the image above.
  • On the right-hand side, there is a section to add new members via email or existing contacts, and a checkbox which will provide them admin permissions in the team. To ensure the members are added to the team, the “Add to Team” button must be used.
  • On the left-hand side, it displays all the current team members/admins and the current invites. The team permission levels of a user can be amended here between member and admin.

Deleting a Team

Note: This is an action that can not be undone.

Deleting a Team can be achieved in SharpCloud using the Team Admin dialog. This task can only be performed by a Team Admin.

Before deleting a team, it is required that all stories in the team are deleted and all members/admins of the team are removed.

To delete a Team, navigate to the Team Admin section. From the dialog, in the bottom right corner of the dialog window will be a “Delete Team” button as displayed below:

Upon pressing “Delete Team”, a reminder dialog box will appear to ensure that all members and stories have been removed from the team, as displayed here:

If all members and stories have been removed, upon pressing yes, the Team will be successfully deleted. If there are still members and/or stories within the Team space, an error will appear saying Unable to Delete Team Name due to an error.