Team Sites or SharpCloud Teams are a collaborative environment in which all team members have access to all team stories. They can operate as a truly private yet collaborative world, or as a dynamic community that grows by welcoming in other that you identify as adding value to the team. Teams are often used in conjunction with Private Directories which act as a great way to share your team stories with a group of non-team members.

Note: For more information on Directories, please read our Knowledge Base article titled: Working with Directories.

Stories can only exist in 1 team, but a user can exist in any number of teams. The teams you are a member or an administrator of are available to access via the Teams and Directories tab on the dashboard, as shown below:

The underlying concepts of a team are that all team members have access to all team stories, and also that team administrators are able to perform some of the operations normally only available to the story owner (so in this sense the team stories can be seen as being under shared ownership). These concepts determine what happens when certain operations are performed by team administrators and members.


Team Operations


There are several operations that can be performed by Team Members and Administrators which are explained below:


  • When a member is added to a team (by a team admin) – The member is automatically given implicit team-view permissions to all existing team stories.
  • When a member is removed from a team (by a team admin) - they are no longer able to access the team site and have their implicit team-view permissions removed for all stories in the team site. They retain any explicit share permissions to stories in the team. They still retain ownership for the team stories they currently own.
  • When a story is moved into a team site (by a member)  - all existing sharees retain their current level of permission for the story. All team members (who are not already sharees) are automatically given implicit team-view permissions to the story.
  • When a story is removed from a team site (by a team admin)  - the story reverts back to the personal ownership of the story owner. All sharees who have been given explicit permissions to the story retain their permission to the story. Team members who previously had access to the story through their implicit team-view permissions will no longer be able to access it.
  • When a story is created in a team site (by a member)  - all team members are automatically given implicit team-view permissions to the story. The new story appears in the Team panel on your dashboard.


Teams are a great way to also contain which users have access to a story by making use of the setting which prevents sharing outside of the team


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