Filtering is a really powerful feature within SharpCloud, allowing users to filter items/relationships in or out of a view, allowing views to be easily customisable and unique.

Filtering allows items/relationships to be filtered in and out depending on attributes, calculated values, tags or even items that they are related to.

There are 3 types of Filters that can be leveraged to achieve the desired outcome to answer the key questions that are to be answered using SharpCloud. The 3 filters are:

  1. Interactive Filter – Create buttons incorporated onto a view to filter items or relationships in and out of the view interactively. This is the only filter type to affect the structure of the view.
  2. Base Filter – Determine what items/relationships are eligible to be displayed in the view. This filter type also includes the Related To filter and can have more than one filter query.
  3. Enterprise Filter – When using Enterprise capability in SharpCloud, the Enterprise filter can dynamically bring items in from other stories in the same Enterprise solution. The Enterprise Filter is the only filter that increases the number of items on a view.

The diagram below can provide a visual aid on how the 3 types of filters operate together:

All 3 Filters can be configured and managed in the View Setup dialog in the Filters Tab as shown below.

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