Note: This is not strictly a 'view' as it does not get created and persisted through the View strip. However, it is a view that you see whenever you click an item to show its relationships.

When relationships are displayed in a view, there can be a setting activated which allows the capability so when an item is selected, it will highlight items that are related to it and remove unrelated items out of focus. By default, when clicking on an item, it will open the item and display it’s panels.

This behaviour allows you to look at how an item is related to others within the context of the current view. So for example, if you click on the item in the timeline view you see its relationships in time, whilst in a layer view you will see how the item is related to other categories of items.

Note: The network of relationships that you see when you click an item depends on the relationship setting in the view options.

By clicking on the chosen item again, it will produce the radial view, allowing the chosen item to be brought into the front and centre as shown below:

A powerful feature to mention is the ability to Show In View, which is available when the related items have been highlighted as shown in the image below:

This will return the related items back to the context of the view, removing all unrelated items.

Configuring the behaviour for when you click on an item can be actioned in the View Setup, in the Relationships tab as shown below:

If the Behaviour on click is set to highlight related items instead of open items and the relationships are visible on the view, every time an item is clicked, it will then display the related items.

Configuring what related items to show

There are 4 options of what items to display when clicking on an item for different scenarios.

Direct Related Only (Default) – This will display items that are only directly related to the item that has been chosen.

One Level Removed – This will display items that are not only directly related to the item that has been chosen, but also the items that are directly related to those subsequent items.

Two Levels Removed – This will perform the same action as one level removed, but adding another level, displaying directly related items, the items directly related to the subsequent items and then items that are related to the final set of subsequent items.

Up/Down Only – This setting will use category order to determine if an item is above or below it in the order, and will display a chain of items that are related to the chosen item in the categories above (to the top category) and categories below (to the bottom category).

To configure the setting, the Advanced Toggle must be activated as shown below:

The result of changing the settings can be illustrated below:

One Level Removed:

Two Levels Removed:

Up/Down Only: