Copying a story is an easy operation to perform and it will produce an identical version of the story that is editable, whist including the data that exists within the story. If a non-editable version (read-only) version of the story is the preferred, archiving the story would be the best course of action, please see relevant article on how to archive a story.

Note: Copying a story can be performed by Owners. Admins can also copy stories if they have been granted the permissions in the story setup.

Note: Co-Owners feature is available on v9.4.0703 and after

Copying a story can be performed in the Story Setup as shown below:

When Copy Story has been selected, a new dialog box will appear asking to confirm what other parts of the story are required to be copied over, as shown below:

If the shares are not included in the copy, the only person who will have access to the story will be the owner and any members in the team if the story exists within a team.

Note: If the story is a part of an Enterprise Solution, the copy will also exist in the same Enterprise solution, connected to the same template as the original story.