Making a story publicly accessible is key in several cases such as publishing to a website or running a public workshop. Once a story has been made public, it means that anyone will be able to view the story without requiring an account or logging in. 

Note: Making a story public is an open way of sharing, for more secure ways of Sharing, please refer to our other Knowledge Base articles. 

To make a story public, simply go to the Share dialog, and go to the Publish Tab as shown below: 


Note: By default, stories that are created are set to “Private” meaning only authenticated users who have been given access to the story will be able to access it, unless the story is created in a SharpCloud Team Area, which means the team members will have access also. 

There a 2 publishing options: 

Public through a public URL – This means that any individual with the URL can access the story without requiring an account or logging into SharpCloud.


Public in the SharpCloud Directory – This will make the story publicly accessible but will also post the story into our SharpCloud Public Gallery. 

Note: A public story can be returned to Private at any point. 

There are 2 settings that can be put in place by default to ensure stories are not made publicly accessible by accident: 

On the license pack, there is a setting that will Prevent Public Stories. If this setting is marked as active, the publish dialog will only display Private for any users in that pack. This setting can only be amended by Pack Administrators or System Administrators. 

If the story exists within a Team Area of SharpCloud, there is a similar setting as above. This setting is located in the Team Admin section of the team as shown below. 


Note: If the Pack is set to not allow stories to be made public, this will override the Team setting.