Sample stories are a way of creating a story structure or shell that can then be easily replicated by the owner or by others that have access to the sample.

Create a new story from a Sample


From the New story button on your dashboard you can choose the Sample story to base your new story on.




Create a story sample


Any story can be flagged for use as a sample and so made accessible to you, and others that you share the story with, as the start point from which to create further stories. 

Only the story owner can mark their story for use as a template. 


  1. Open the story you want to use as a sample
  2. In the story setup click the sample checkbox and click OK
  3. All views in the story now show a watermark indicating that this is a sample 
  4. The story will now appear in the drop down list of samples available to you when creating a new story 

    • If you have shared the story with others, they too will have access to the story as a sample 
    • If the story is in a team all team members have access to the story as a sample