A presentation in SharpCloud is a step by step journey through a story that shows views and panels of content in a predefined order. You can set up any number of presentations to help you communicate key messages to different audiences or to support different meetings or scenarios. 

You may want to point different people to different presentations so they have the most appropriate introduction to the story content. 

To make this easy, each presentation has its own unique URL and includes the Copy URL button on the presentation toolbar. So, all you need to do is create your presentation, click the button, and paste the URL into your email message. 

Creating a Presentation 


To create a presentation: 


  1.  Using the drop-down menu of the Story Setupselect “Manage Presentations” 
  2. Use the create new presentation button to add a new blank presentation. Adding a Presentation from PDF will convert a PDF document to a SharpCloud presentation with each PDF page being a presentation slide. 
  3. The presentation toolbar will appear at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Click the pencil icon in the centre of the presentation toolbar to access the camera icon.
  5. Now whenever you click the camera icon this will add the current view as a slide in your presentation. So simply move through your views, making whatever (temporary) changes you want to the way they look or the way they are filtered, and then click the camera icon to add a slide of this current view to the presentation. 


Editing a presentation 


The presentation toolbar offers you a number of options for editing and enhancing your presentation. 


  • The replace slide button allows you to replace one slide with another (the current view) 
  • The manage presentation button allows you to reorder the slides, delete slides. You can also add captions here and set a specific timer for how long each slide will appear on screen for when the presentation is on auto-play 




Playing Presentations 

Playing presentations can be done by using the presentation section in the top right of the story when a presentation has been made as shown below: 


Presentation Player


When playing the presentation, there is a presentation player that can be moved around to the most suitable part of the screen.


There are several settings to be aware of:

Loop – This will loop the presentation around instead of stopping at the last slide.


Play – This will start playing the presentation with the slides set to the time that is set in the Manage Presentation dialog.

Previous/Next Slide  This will go to the next or previous slide in a more of a manual movement.


Full Screen – This will remove the toolbars of the browsers and SharpCloud toolbars.


Exit – This will exit the Presentation mode, on the Drop-up menu there is an option to return to the original place where you started the presentation.