Note: This function is available in SharpCloud v9.2.0408 and later.

TOARRAY function is used to convert a string into an array data type. This can be useful as the array’s can then be used in other calculated values, a limitation of string values.




= Values that are part of the array.

Data Type Returned

Values that are returned will be an array.


TOARRAY(“[1,2,3,4]”) will return [1,2,3,4]

TOARRAY(“[a,b,c]”) will return NULL as a is not a valid object

TOARRAY(“[‘a’,’b’,’c’]”) will return [“a”,”b”,“c”]

TOARRAY (“a,b,c”) will return NULL as the text is not enclosed in square brackets “[]”

TOARRAY(history) where the history attribute is a text attribute with the values of ‘[1,2,3]’. This will return [1,2,3].