Note: This function can only be used for RELATIONSHIPS and must be created in the relationship tab.

ITEMSTART function is used to return a value of a specific function set by the user, of the item that is at the start of the relationship (the FROM position or non-arrow end). This function will return a NULL if there is no direction set on the relationship.




x = A function chosen by the user that can be used for an item.

Data Type Returned

The data type returned will depend on the function that the user specifies.


ITEMSTART(name) will return the names of the items at the start of the relationship.

ITEMSTART(start) will return the start date of the items at the start of the relationship.

Using the ITEMSTART function to highlight relationships of items where the item that proceeds the item in question has an end date that is before the main item.

IF(ITEMSTART(end)>ITEMEND(start), 0, 1) will return a value of 1 if the preceding item’s end date is later than the succeeding item’s start date.

Using ITEMSTART to show items in a specific category that are at the end of a relationship.

IF(ITEMSTART(category) == “Category 1”, 1, 0) will return a 1 for items that are at the start of the relationship and are also in Category 1.