Finds the index or placement of a value within an array. The return value index is zero based, i.e., the first value in the list is 0 (zero).








= The values possessed in the array


y = The value you wish to find the index of in the array.


Type of Data Returned


Numeric or -1 if the value does not exist in the array.




INDEXOF([“Low”, “Med”, “Hi”], “Low”) will return the value 0


INDEXOF([“Low”, “Med”, “Hi”], “Med”) will return the value 1


INDEXOF([“Low”, “Med”, “Hi”], “Medium”) will return -1 as that value does not exist in the array.


Using the INDEXOF function to find out a probability (list attribute) of an item.


INDEXOF(LABELS(“probable”),probability) will return the index value of the label “Probable” for the attribute of “Probability” assuming that probable is a label in the list attribute.


Using the INDEXOF function to return numeric values from a string of text

INDEXOF(“SharpCloud Calculated Values”, “Calc”) will return 11

INDEXOF(“SharpCloud Calculated Values”, “oud”) will return 7

INDEXOF(“SharpCloud Calculated Values”, “CALC”) will return -1