The contains function can produce a TRUE or FALSE outcome, if the substring which the user defines is contained in the string. It can be used to gather specific items dependant on an attribute or property value. This function is CASE SENSITIVE.








= The string in which you want to search for the sub-string


y = The substring, which the string will be searched for


Type of Data Returned


Boolean or Text*


*Will only return a text value if you set two labels up as “TRUE” and “FALSE”. Useful to be able to use them for filtering purposes.Examples


CONTAINS(“SharpCloud Calculated Value”, “Calc”) will return TRUE


CONTAINS(“SharpCloud Calculated Value”, “CALC”) will return FALSE as the function is case sensitive.


Using the CONTAINS function to return any items that have an owner name of “Tim S”


CONTAINS(“Owner”,”Tim S”) will return items as TRUE if they contain “Tim S” within their owner string, the rest of the items will be FALSE.


Using CONTAINS in terms of an array and values to determine a true and false outcome


CONTAINS(“LowMedHi”, “Med"will return a value of TRUE.