Comparison and Logical operators can be used in the IF function. They are used to compare two values.

Return Values

True or False



Can be used with








Equal to

Number, Text, Date


Not Equal

Number, Text, Date

Greater Than

Number, Date

Less Than

Number, Date


Greater than or Equal to

Number, Date


Less than or Equal to

Number, Date

Note: Equals requires ‘==’, as ‘=’ will result in an error.

You can only compare two types of data that are the same. The underlying JavaScript code will allow you to compare a string against a number.



Simple arithmetic operations to show the layout and results:


2 == 3 would return FALSE

2 != 3 would return TRUE


Assigning a “Not Popular” or “Popular” value on items that have more than 5 likes


IF(likecount>5, “Popular”, “Not Popular”)