Set the Panel Colour globally  

By default, the panels inside an item will all be white in colour. The Panel color setting in the Story set-up allows you to choose a different default colour for all your item panels. You can also choose to set the panel colour to reflect the colour of the category to which the item belongs. 






Remember that you can still change the colour of specific panels either across all items or on an item by item basis. There is more information in Configuring Item Panels and Panel Content. 



Specify a custom colour for an item  


By default, items take on the colour of their CategoryHowever, SharpCloud automatically assigns each item a random colour which can be used for the item in any view, by selecting the Item Color option in the Background Color or Border Color drop-downs, as in the example below. 






Whilst the colour is randomly generated, you can edit the colour assigned to specific items in the Edit Item Properties form. You can change the colours of individual items or multiselect items and assign groups of items the same colour. Sometimes you may want to highlight one specific item across all views so you could multiselect all items bar this one and assign them a common colour. Then when you Item Color as the Background Color on each of your views, the single item will stand out clearly.