Calculated values are a powerful way to extend the functionality of a SharpCloud story, by adding new insight into the data. They are similar to the cell calculations in spreadsheet tools like Microsoft Excel and provide a wide range of possibilities for extending your story data. 

Each calculated function has its own Knowledge Base article which you can access to discover more information on how you can implement the function and example use cases for them. Some of these functions are SharpCloud specific, while some will be familiar from other tools.


For a full list of calculated values – Click HERE.

Attribute Codes 

You can think of calculated values a bit like special attributes. Usually, calculations will reference one or more of a story’s existing attributes to return a new value.

Before an attribute can be referenced in a calculation, an attribute code is required. Attribute Codes are alphanumeric reference codes you assign to a given attribute with a maximum length of 20 characters. Any combination of numbers and letters can be used (as long as it doesn’t already exist).


You can add an attribute code in the story setup window as shown below. Simply click into the Code field and enter your attribute code:




Once a code has been assigned, you can then use that code as reference in any calculated value.


Calculations Sub-Tab

To add a calculated value, you will need to go to the Story Setup and depending on whether you want the calculation to be run for Items or Relationships, navigate to the Calculations sub-tab in their respective tabs as shown below:



Data Types


There are 5 data types within SharpCloud that you can work with, all with their advantages and their limitations:


  • Number  
  • Date
  • Text
  • Boolean 
  • Array


These will be explained in the Calculated Values Data Types article.


Glossary of Terms


Operator – An example of an operator is + (addition) and – (minus) and / (divide).


Function – Example of calculated values functions are WHERE, IF, GETITEMVALUE


Data type – This is the type of data inputted or returned such as numeric, date, Boolean, text or an array.


Properties – A property can be an attribute, or a built-in SharpCloud property such as “Created” or “Owner” which are automatically created for all items. Items have a range of internal properties covered in the Calculated Values Index article.


Parameters – The values that are passed into a function. For example, a function to add three attribute’s values together might have three parameters.