This article refers to features and functionality that exists in QueryConnect v4.0.0.0 and later

Folders and subfolders are a great way of managing the connections within QueryConnect, but also provide additional functionality including:

  • The ability to run an entire folder/subfolder of connections at once, rather than running connections individually
  • The ability to organise connections into groups that make the most sense to the requirement
  • The ability to export/publish folders, allowing other users to run all connections in the published folder*.

* = Depending on password encryption level chosen when publishing the folder.

Creating Folders

Creating folders is an easy process and allows great flexibility in folder structures. To create a folder, simply click on “Add a new folder” button as shown below:

Once a folder is created you can rename the folder as shown below:

To place a connection within the folder, simply drag and drop the connection into the folder. This also applies to other folders to create a sub-folder structure as shown below:

Note: There is no limit to levels of folders – Subfolders can exist within subfolders and the process repeated until the desired structure is created.

When hovering over the folder/connection, a “Play” button will appear which will run the connection or the folder/subfolder. This operation can also be performed by clicking “Run Now” on the Connections Folder tab when a folder is selected.