Note: This feature is only available in SharpCloud v9.2.0304 and after.


With SharpCloud, by default, a view will automatically adjust according to the space available in terms of window size and screen size. This means that when presenting on larger screens, the items/annotations may appear in slightly different locations compared to when using a small screen as more space is now available.

SharpCloud allows the ability to fix views to a certain aspect ratio, with the following options:

  • Fit to space – This is the default option for aspect ratio, where story views will adjust according to the available screen space.
  • 4:3
  • 16:9
  • Custom – Allows a range between 1 – 100 (including decimals) for both width and height.


Changing the Aspect Ratio for the Story

Changing the aspect ratio for all the views within a story can be performed in the Story Setup as shown below:



Changing the Aspect Ratio for a particular View

Changing the aspect ratio for a particular view can be performed in the View Setup under the Theme Tab (the advanced toggle must be active) as shown below.



When configuring a specific view aspect ratio, there is the option of Use Story Default which means that the view will use the aspect ratio that is set at the Story Setup level.


Note: Any setting other than “Use story default” will take precedence (i.e., the view aspect ratio will override the story aspect ratio if they differ). 


Aspect Ratio for Enterprise Structures

When using SharpCloud’s Enterprise Features, one feature is allowing views to be inherited down. The aspect ratio for a singular view will inherit down. The story setting of a template will not be inherited down to other stories.


Note: The aspect ratio setting will only affect the views, and not the display when opening items to view panels.