SharpCloud Mobile

When using a smartphone or tablet SharpCloud will default to a mobile version. This mobile version has been optimised for smaller screens, allowing for simpler access to stories and their items.


The mobile dashboard still allows you to tab through your pinned stories, recent stories, active stories and, featured stories. The last tab at the top of the screen allows you to search through your stories to find a specific one.


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The tabs along the bottom allow you to navigate through forms, teams and directories, items and, comments that you have access to.  At the top of the each of these you are able to use the search functionality.


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When opening a story you can scroll and select the view you wish to look at. Once the view has been opened the items within the view will be listed and clickable. Opening an item will then list the panels and their details.



Forcing Desktop Mode

You can force a smartphone or tablet to view a SharpCloud view in desktop mode by adding a '?force' argument at the end of the URL. For example: