SharpCloud can be used seamlessly with a Microsoft Surface Hub. The minimum requirements for you to be able to use SharpCloud on a Surface Hub are the following:

  1. A premium SharpCloud License.
  2. A device you are signed into SharpCloud on (Not the Surface Hub).
  3. A Surface Hub

Signing In

On the Surface Hub, using the browser proceed to the SharpCloud log-in screen (any instance). You are now presented with several options of how you wish to authenticate and log-in. One of those options is the Surface Hub as shown below.



When you access SharpCloud on the Surface Hub, you will be shown an 8-digit number that is required to pair your SharpCloud account to the Surface Hub session.


Now using the other device you are currently signed in to (Mobile or Laptop etc), proceed to the SharpCloud dashboard and access the drop down shown below by clicking your profile image in the top right corner: 



From here you will be able to access “Surface Hub Sign In” which will prompt you to enter your unique 8-digit code.


Once you have entered that code, the pairing will be complete, and you will be able to use SharpCloud on the Surface Hub.


Alternatively, you will be able to access SharpCloud using email address/password on the Surface Hub if you do not want to authenticate using the Surface Hub authentication method.