You can sign in using your SharpCloud username and password or through your Microsoft Office 365 account.  

You can also request to be sent your username or reset your password if you have forgotten your credentials. These will both require you to enter the email address you have registered within SharpCloud.


New Password Requirements 

New and existing users must meet certain password requirements in order to create a password for their account.


This is to improve the security of their user account and our system. The password requirements are the following:


- Minimum eight characters

- Must include standard letters and a capital letter

- Must include a number or a symbol


If your organization has a private instance of SharpCloud and you attempt to sign in to the public instance, you will be redirected to your organization’s instance based on your email address.


Surface Hub

If you are signing onto a Surface Hub you will also have to sign into SharpCloud from another device and select ‘Surface Hub Sign In’ from the profile menu. This will allow you to enter the 8-digit code generated.



Alternative instance

Users who sign-up for a SharpCloud account on our multi-tenant service at my.sharpcloud.com will, where their email domain suggests it, be prompted that there may be an alternative instance that they may have intended to sign-up on.  


For example, attempting to sign-up to the US instance of SharpCloud using a UK or EU email address will recommend that the User should sign-up to the respective UK or EU instance of SharpCloud.