Note: This feature is available for users who are using SharpCloud v9.1.0116 and onwards.


Forms are widely used to contribute to and maintain a SharpCloud story, being able to not only create items but also edit existing items. Creating relationships via a Form allows users to provide invaluable insight between those data-driven items, making the data in the story even more powerful.


This article will only cover adding “Related To” fields to a form. For additional information on using forms, please refer to the relevant knowledge base articles on Forms.


Adding the “Related To” Fields to a Form




In the “Manage Forms” dialog (accessed via the Story menu dropdown), highlight the form you wish to edit from the list and click the Select fields to show button as highlighted above.


In the Fields Selection dialog box that appears, simply scroll down to the “Related” fields (alphabetically ordered) and you will be presented with one or more Related[Category name] options. If you have 7 categories in the story for example, you will be presented with 7 “Related” fields to select from. You can see this below:



In this example story, there are 3 categories: Capabilities, Trends & Drivers and Value streams. Using the arrow (highlighted above), you can select which field(s) you wish to add to the Form.




Just like other fields, the Display Name can be amended, as well as the Default Value. The field(s) can also be set to Required and/or Hidden.


Once the Form has been configured to suit your requirements, simply press Save and Close and the Form will be ready to start creating Relationships.