There are 2 ways to add new panels to an item:


Global Panels – Adding a global panel means creating a panel that will automatically be added to all items in a given category/categories.


Item-specific Panels – Instead of creating a panel that will be displayed to all items in a category/categories, an item panel can be created for an individual item and only appear in that item.


Adding Item-specific Panels

To create an item-specific panel, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Edit button on the right-hand side toolbar
  2. Ensure that the item to which you would like to add the panel is selected
  3. Click the Panels tab
  4. Select the type of panel you wish to add from the “Add new” menu and it will be added to your item, ready to host your rich content.



Deleting an Item-specific Panel

To delete an item-specific panel, simply press the red “X” as shown next to the “Project KPI’s” panel above.

Note: Global or inherited panels cannot be deleted from this method. They will have to be deleted in the story setup and the local story to that panel respectively.


Adding a Global Panel

Adding a global panel is performed in the Story Setup menu, as shown below:



  1. Navigate to the Items tab of the Story Setup menu
  2. Click the Global Panels tab
  3. Select the type of panel you would like to add
  4. Double-click in the Name to display field to update what the panel is called
  5. Select which categories of items should be automatically given the new panel (click the All box to add the panel to all items in all categories)