Each story includes a full and exportable history of all activity. This includes comments, who has viewed the story, what items they have viewed and any changes that have been made to the story over time. The entries in the activity feed are date-time stamped and identify the user who initiated the activity.


Note: You must have Admin or Owner level permissions to view the Activity Feed on a given story.



Viewing the activity feed

The show activity feed button on the right-hand toolbar opens the panel on the right of the screen showing a full history of activity and comments on a story. Some activities are deep-linked to the items on which the action was taken, meaning you can click on the blue text to navigate to the item. 

Exporting the activity feed data

To export the activity history click the download story activity button. Note that depending on the amount of activity data this may take some time.


The file is downloaded in CSV format, which can easily be imported into Excel for further summary and reporting.


Note that if you have an item open, then the activity feed will show just the activity relating to that particular item and download button will display download item activity, meaning it will now download just the activity for the currently selected item.




Track signed-in & anonymous views on your story

The number of signed in and anonymous views on a story is shown at the top of the activity feed. This way you’ll get a real idea of how far and wide your story is reaching. 


Story Analytics

Note: This feature is available in SharpCloud versions 9.1.0203 and later

Story Analytics provides additional insight in to how many views and comments your story has received over a period of time, providing an indication of traffic and activity within a story.

To view the story analytics, open the Activity panel as shown below while running a compatible version of SharpCloud:



The 4 key statistics that are shown in the story analytics are:

Views – These are views by users that are logged in to SharpCloud

Anonymous Views – Views by users who are not signed in to SharpCloud (Story would have to be publicly available).

Edits – Any edits to an item or story such as a change of attribute value or the creation of a new view.

Comments – Comments at the story level or item level.

By default, the graph produced will display 4 lines, one for each statistic point, but each data point can be turned off or on to update the display.

The timeframe can be amended from last 7 days to all time, but also allows custom time selections so the statistics can be shown at the required timeframe. This will also impact which activities are downloaded if you choose to download the feed.

To view specific analytics on an item, simply open the item with the activity tool active and the feed will be updated to include only updates on that item.