The new Map view allows you to plot the location of your Items against a fully interactive Bing Map hosted within the view. Then as you pan and zoom the map, the items move with you, retaining their absolute size and position based on the coordinates (longitude and latitude) they have been assigned.

There are lots of easy ways to work with maps:

  • Drag and drop items onto your Map to set their coordinates.
  • Search and plot by address or import / add longitude and latitude when you need to be more precise.
  • Pan and zoom to change your perspective and focus.

Use Maps in combination with the rich capabilities of SharpCloud for maximum impact:

  • Filter, color and size the items & relationships on your map.
  • Use my location and Find address allow you to instantly plot new items created through a SharpCloud Form.
  • And remember you can save Map views as slides in your dynamic SharpCloud presentations.

Note: If you do not have a Location Attribute in your story, when creating a map view and trying to place an item on the map, you will be prompted if you want to add a location attribute to your story. You are unable to use the map view without a location attribute.


View Setup

The table below summarises options that are specific to the Map View




Advanced Tab Activated?

Marker Type

Choose between Pin (default) and Item (square).

Item Appearance


Show Text Outside

Choose if you want to display the text outside or just to highlight when hovering over

Item Appearance


Map Type

Choose between Road (default), Aerial or Ordnance Survey