Commenting is a great feature to engage other users within a story and provide a more conversational flow within SharpCloud. All commenting is carried out in the Comment Panel as shown below:


Comments can be assigned to either the story or a specific item. This is denoted by the text next to the comments title as highlighted below, indicating which level the comment will be placed on.


To comment on a specific item, simply either select the item (click on the item) or open the item.

Sending email notifications to subscribers will send an email to any subscriber of the story (can be found in the Share dialog) informing them that the comment has been made.

@ Mentions

Note: This feature is available for users who are using SharpCloud v9.0.1218 and onwards.

If you would like to get someone’s attention on a particular SharpCloud story or item, you can type the @ symbol, followed by their name in the comments section. By doing this, you will see the users who have access to the story, either by direct share or via a team in a dropdown list as shown below:


When a user has been mentioned and the comment posted, they will receive an email notification highlighting to them that they have been mentioned on a story/item.

Looking for comments that mention you

If you receive a lot of notifications, you might want to be able to filter them down just to show only the comments you were mentioned in.

To do this, you need to access the Notification Feed (symbolised by a bell icon in the upper right corner of your screen), and the notifications can be filtered down to either: All (views, comments, mentions and shares), Comments (comments and mentions) and Mentions which will just show the comments that have you mentioned in.


@ Mention a Group of Users

Note: This feature is available for users who are using SharpCloud v9.1.0203 and onwards.

Mentioning a team of members is a quick way of informing a group of people of an update or a change that you want them to be aware of.

Using @team will notify all members of the team the story belongs to that they have been mentioned in a comment.

Even if a user is not in the team, but has access to the story, they can use @team to gain attention of all the members of the team in a quick way.

Another alternative is using @everyone, which will notify everyone that has access to the story either via a directory, team or direct share.

Note: A comment will only be emailed to a subscriber if their User Profile is set to ‘Email me when someone comments on a story’. If a subscriber does not have this option checked, they will receive the comment as part of a daily or weekly comment digest, again depending on their user Profile settings.

Comment Notifications

The items in your story will display a red comment bubble to notify you of new un-read comments against the item. This simple indicator allows you to see at a glance where there has been feedback and where you may wish to direct your attention.


When you open the item and open the Comments panel using the button on the toolbar, the comments are marked as read.

You can also see all comments in a story by clicking the Notifications (alarm) icon in the upper-right corner. From this panel you can choose to:
- Show Comments (hide all notifications that are not comments)
- Mark all items as read (all notifications) / Mark read (individual notification)
- Reply (even to a comment on a story you don’t have open at the moment)
- Go to the story being referenced (click on the story image in the notification