When sharing your story with Viewers who have a free account, you may notice that the Search feature is hidden from view. You can easily create a shortcut to the Search window for your viewers by adding an annotation.

  1. From the Widgets menu, click New Annotation
  2. Under the Advanced Options, enter :search into the Click Event field
  3. Update the annotation’s appearance by adding an image, resizing the box, changing the color, adding rounded corners, etc. In the example below, we deleted the standard text, added a magnifying glass image from the Public Images tab, and added 20% roundedness to the corners.
  4. Consider adding a second annotation using the word Search to give your viewers more information. 


When viewers click on the button you’ve created, they’ll see the search window open for them.

Additional Tips and Examples

You can pre-populate the search window using the following additions to your click event string:

:search?text= followed by a search term will open the window with the keyword in the search bar

:search?panels=true will set the Panel Data box to “checked” state when the search window opens. Check the other boxes by using Resources, Attributes, or Unpublished in place of “panels”.

:search?attributes=true&text=keyword&resources=true shows that you can use any order and stack multiple conditions using the & symbol to join them (this example would open the search window with your designated keyword in the search box and the boxes checked for Attributes and Resources).

Alternate Option

You could also add an Annotation instructing users to press Alt + Q to open the search window.