Deleting an Annotation

  1. Open the Annotation side-panel by clicking on the "Edit Annotation" button.
  2. Click the annotation(s) you wish to delete. Multiple selection can be done by clicking and dragging or holding Ctrl and clicking on multiple annotations
  3. Click the delete button that is at the bottom of the annotation side-panel or simply press Delete on the keyboard to remove the annotation from that view/slide.

Selecting an Annotation(s)

When working with annotations, it is key to understand that they are editable/deletable when the annotation side-panel is out. If you do not have the annotation side-panel out, you will be interacting with the data items in SharpCloud. 

When you have the annotation side-panel out, simply click on an annotation to select it. You will see that the annotation will be presented with a dashed line around it, indicating that it is selected.


Alternatively, you can use the left-right arrows in the annotation side-panel to step through all the annotations on the view to find the one you are after as shown below.





As mentioned previously, more than one annotation can be selected; either click and drag across the view to select all/some annotations (the annotation side-panel must be active) or hold control and click on each annotation in turn.


Note: Singular selecting using Control and clicking is currently only supported on the following views; Grid, Layer, Timeline, Wall and Compare


When multiple annotations are selected, additional alignment options are presented in the annotation side-panel, to help you lay out the annotations with regular spacing and relative to the screen or within/across the collection of annotations, and buttons are displayed for Copy, Cut and Paste.




Many – but not all - editing options (such as text formatting and style, object background color etc.) can be carried out on multiple selected annotations.


Positioning and Resizing an Annotation

The annotation object can be dragged and resized interactively within the view. However, all other editing operations are carried out through the annotation side panel.

The strip at the bottom of the annotation side-panel allows you to edit the precise X and Y location of an annotation on the view, and / or the width and height of the annotation. Annotations are created with width and height settings of 20% and 10% respectively, relative to the size of the view area.

To edit any of these values manually, you can use the small edit pencil on the positioning and sizing bar, and you can then alter the values as shown below.





Copying and Pasting Annotations


Individual annotations can be copied (Ctrl-C), cut (Ctrl-X) and pasted (Ctrl-V) using standard Windows keys, or for collections, these operations can also be performed using buttons within the annotation side-panel. These operations use the SharpCloud clipboard (not the Windows clipboard) and so annotations cannot be copied out to other applications. Objects remain in the SharpCloud clipboard until you sign out of your session.


Note: Annotations in each layer (foreground/background) are overlaid on the screen in order of their creation. To move an existing annotation to the front, you can cut (Ctrl + X) and paste it back into the view.


Toggling the display of Annotations and Items

The Foreground, Items and Background buttons allow you to temporarily suppress the display of annotations and items whilst in design mode with the annotations side-panel open. However, when you close the annotations side-panel, all annotations and items for the view are automatically displayed.


Note: Background in this context refers to the background (or bottom most) annotation layer. This is not the same as the view background (selected through the View Options>Background tab). All annotation layers (foreground, background and indeed items) sit on top of the View background.

Note:  To move/resize items in the background, you need to first hide the foreground and items layers (using the buttons at the top of the annotations panel) so that foreground annotations and items don't interfere with the clicking/dragging.