There are a number of ways to update your data, either during the original story creation process or after you’ve been working in the story for a while:

 - On any view with displayed attributes (on the X or Y axis, for instance), simply unlock the view and drag an item to update its value. The change will also be made in the Data Grid.

- Use the Edit Item properties pane to update any of the properties for an individual item. With one or more items selected, click the Edit (pencil) icon in the right-hand toolbar.

- Edit the data directly in the Data Grid - this is a good place to carry out bulk operations on your data, such as updating all the values for a specific attribute. Open the Data Grid by clicking the Data menu header button.

- Update the data in Excel then re-paste it into the data grid following the steps outlined in this article.

Note: If ever you feel uncomfortable that you may do something to mess up your story, you can first create a copy from the Story Setup screen. And remember, there are also Undo and Redo arrows available on the toolbar.