The advantage of pasting the data in from Excel (or from another story) is that this will also create your categories, attributes and tags which you can then refine in the story setup screen.

Note, as your use of SharpCloud extends, and your stories become more stable, you can automate the import of data using the SharpCloud Excel add-in, our software developers kit (SDK) or external applications like Zapier.

Paste in Excel Data

To paste in data from Excel:

  1. Set up your data in Excel - make sure it has the required columns (Name and Category – these must be spelled as shown and cannot be changed). We also recommend use of an External ID column for easy referencing of items. 
  2. Copy your rows and columns from Excel (including the header row) into the clipboard using Ctrl/Cmd + C
  3. In SharpCloud, open the data grid by clicking the Data menu header button
  4. In the Items tab click the Paste button (which opens the text screen)
  5. Click in the text screen and use the Ctrl/Cmd + V shortcut to paste in the data
  6. The data will be displayed back in preview mode. When pasting data that includes new attributes, SharpCloud will allow you to update the attribute type before you click OK to confirm. You can always make updates to your attributes and categories later in the Story Setup window.

If you’re happy with the look of your data, click OK to save the items and to see them in your views


  • You can add a column for Tags to your Excel spreadsheet as well. SharpCloud will create new item tags for each value listed in this column. To create groups of tags, simply use the format Tags.GroupName for your column header (e.g., Tags.Market for a column containing market region tags). 
  • Once your structure (categories, attributes, tags) is created, you can paste in data for a single category by choosing its tab in the Data Grid. When doing this, you don't need to paste in a Category column as the data will automatically be assigned to the tab's category.