Adding your data manually by creating new items is a fast and easy way to get your data into SharpCloud. In order to make sure your items are structured correctly, you will need to define the categories and attributes and tags yourself within the story setup screen, before assigning each item its corresponding values. (When you bring in data through other means, such as pasting from Excel, the structure is created for you.)

Note, as your use of SharpCloud extends, and your stories become more stable, you can automate the import of data using the SharpCloud Excel add-in, our software developers kit (SDK) or external applications like Zapier.

To add items one by one to your story

1 Open the item edit pane (by clicking the pencil on the toolbar)

2 Then use the New item button to add items

Editing as you go

As you add items you will see them appear on the view. If you decide you want to rename or move the item to another category, you can simply edit its properties in the item edit pane.

Or if you click the padlock icon on the toolbar you can unlock the view and simply drag the items across categories to update it.

Did you know? 

- You can copy and paste items from one story to another

- You can also add new items through the data grid